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Posted on: January 9, 2009

Unfortunately, none of the suggestions made in the request article gave me any article writting ideas. So, I decided to go with a back up plan. Out of every character, be they from movies, games, or animes, you have ever seen, which 10 do you like the best? And if that doesn’t make things interesting enough, what is the order and why? Today you’ll get the chance to tell everyone!

The rules are simple:  You may only pick up to 10 characters, and no flaming other peoples characters they pick. Please remember to state which series the characters are from, so as to avoid confusion.

–Saint of Swords

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First- Character: Linebeck. Game/Anime/Movie: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Description/Opinion: Linebeck is a self-centered, greedy pirate–who’s only care is to find or steal treasure; anything that could prove to be beneficial to himself. In Phantom Hourglass, you need Linebeck’s assistance–as for you cannot cross a large ocean without a ship–his ship. He is actually quite timid and usually makes up some excuse not to come with Link, the main protagonist, and instead he fixes your–his ship from any damage you’ve taken. But it’s still a convenient excuse that works out positive for him in the end. In the game, he treats you harshly, yet in a since of respect. I picked Linebeck as my number one favorite character because his personality is truly remarkable. He’s the ‘comic relief’ and throughout the game, unlike other side characters, does not lose his personality! At the end, he displays his coolness by, out of all odds, defending Link from an evil menace. Out of his cowardice, he took Link’s sword when he fell unconscious, and fended off an fierce foe. A truly inspiring character.

Second- Character: Midna. Game/Anime/Movie: The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess. Description/Opinion: Midna is…well. She originally appears when our 15-year old hero, Link, got captured by creatures of ‘the Twili’. Link was from a normal, peaceful village of farm life, and out of nowhere, he get’s carried away from the normal world, into the ‘world of twilight’. His friends, and all the children of the village, were also kidnapped in the process. Link wakes up and foresees himself as a Wolf. The twilight world transforms humans into a different form–something beyond humans. But Link, he was special. And instead of being transformed into a ‘spirit’, he’s transformed into a Wolf–because he was chosen by the gods and was a descendant of the legendary hero of time. But anyway, enough of Link. After Link finds himself captured, he notices a strange figure. He sees it and it’s a Imp with a mischievous look on it’s face. But by now, surely he noticed ‘it’ was a ‘her’. She eventually frees him in a daunting matter, and usually clarifies most things that are unknown to Link. Out of no apparent reason, she claims she wants the ‘Fused Shadows’, which she soon clarifies that she needs the dark magic’s of ‘her kind’ , and she refuses to help him find his friends, unless he helps her out first. Her personality throughout the game is harsh and dauntful to Link, and she often insults him or demeanors him by telling him to “be a good boy(because Link is a Wolf. i.e., something you would call a dog or mutt)” and other rude insults. Midna is very lively, in fact, in the game, when even the most gloomiest moments happens, she usually cross’s her arms behind her back in a comfortable position, and makes somewhat of a joke out of it. Midna is cute, and her personality won her second place of my favorite characters. Midna was not always an Imp, in fact, she was once a beautiful princess. But from some fowl trick of fate, a powerful foe of the twilight cursed her to become an Imp. Normally you would expect her to be sad, but as much as she swears revenge, she still remains peppy and optimistic.

Third- Character: Luigi. Game/Anime/Movie: Mario Bros.. Description/Opinion: Luigi, he has always been left out in the shadows- and shown off by his older brother, Mario. Hence my name. Luigi, as I am certain many people know of him, is Mario’s little brother. And as Luigi is taller and has an higher intellect then Mario, Luigi always gets cruelly neglected and obviously gets mistaken as ‘Mario’s shadow’. Luigi is timid, easily frightened, and cannot do the amount of heroic deeds Mario can do. But his heart is a heart of passion, and he spends his time studying how to become a hero–so he can become like his older brother. In my opinion, Luigi is much higher then Mario! There are many fans of Luigi- many who wish he had a bigger part and was not neglected in such a terrible manner. Though our timid hero, Luigi, has his own game called “Luigi’s Mansion”. It all starts with Luigi getting an invitation in the mail saying that he won a free mansion. Luigi, confused as to why he received this since he did not sign up for any this sort of thing. But he ventured off to his mansion anyway, and he soon finds out that it is HAUNTED! As Luigi proceeds into the mansion, he hears whispers from the pictures. Stating that Mario is trapped inside the mansion, deeper and deeper. As timid as Luigi already is, he shakes off his fears–though is still greatly scared, and conjures the mansion of ghosts and he, for once saves Mario for a change! I was personally ecstatic as soon as I heard the news of it, and it told me Nintendo is paying attention to Luigi’s needs- the fans…needs. Hah!

Forth- Character: Obi-wan Kenobi. Game/Anime/Movie: Star Wars. Description/Opinion: Obi-wan Kenobi hails from the movie of Star Wars–a very popular and well-known movie produced by George Lucas. In Chapter I: Phantom Menace, Obi-wan is in his 20s, and his Jedi Master was Qui-gon Jinn. In Chapter II: The Clone Wars, Obi-wan Kenobi was the Jedi Master of young Anikan Skywalker. I believe he was in his 40s in this one. While Anikan- to be so young(age 19) was an excellent Jedi Apprentice to Obi-wan. But Anikan still had his fair share of trouble, and where Obi-wan has to aid him in his troubles. Obi-wan was very strict with Anikan, though in a sarcastic manner that somewhat had them both talking in sarcasm. Obi-wan’s character is the sarcastic, more experienced one. He almost always makes bad situations humorous in a slightly, scorning sarcastic manner. Where Obi-wan makes his appearances in Chapter III, IV, and VI, he slowly gets more concentrated on what’s going on and begins to act serious very quickly- not as much as the sarcastic manner as he used to be. But overall, I think he’s quite likable. And I also know that Star Wars is easily the best movie I have ever watched. He adds to it, obviously.

Fifth- Character: Vaida. Game/Anime/Movie: Fire Emblem: The Blazing Sword. Description/Opinion: Vaida has a very likable character. I quickly came attached to her; in an instant. Vaida is portrayed as the rough-necked, hot-headed brut. She means her words with words of mean, hate, and frustration. And yet she is so serious about it she comes out humorous. Most- if not all, people think she is rather ugly. But as uncommon as this is, I find her quite attractive. She has blonde short hair, wears a red tunic with breast plates above it, with the symbol of Bern. She has long black boots that come up very high on her legs, and black gloves. She is a Wyvern Rider of Bern- her homeland, and which she serves Prince Zephiel. At first, she is an enemy to you when she makes her first appearance. She was on the wrong side, as her side she was on, the ‘Black Fang’, was secretly working with Bern’s King. So she decided to join up with the Black Fang. Though she fails to kill your army of soldiers, and it’s main lordling, Eliwood, by the Black Fangs rule she was to be assassinated. Though, in the presence of a wicked figure, higher up in the Black Fang, Vaida begged to be forgiven and not to immediately die. It turns out, they let her flee. And for awhile, she was never heard of again. Well, it turns out, the King of Bern, was jealous of his son, Prince Zephiel, and was secretly working with the Black Fang. The King of Bern plans to assassinate Zephiel by hiring the Black Fang members to do it. Eliwood rides to it just it time, and manages to prevent Zephiel’s death. Later on…unexpectedly, Vaida returns quite fast. And Eliwood must talk to her for her to join his army. She joins him by first asking if Eliwood and friends saved Prince Zephiel. He replies yes, and she requested that she heard no more. Though once a fearsome foe, thankful what he did for her country, she joins him. She simply implies “Zephiel is our hope, and that is all that matters now.”. I think Vaida is a fine character, though Linebeck easily makes it in First Place. Though I still have much respect for her, and always will.
Sixth- –
Seventh- –
Eighth- –
Ninth- –
Tenth- –

I cannot think of anyone else right now, however, I think this much should suffice.

1.Genesis-Final Fantasy
2.Snake-Metal Gear Solid
4.Wolf-Star Fox
5.Lloyd-Fire Emblem
6.Gale-Fire Emblem
7.Karel-Fire Emblem
9.Sephiroth-Final Fantasy
10.Raiden-Metal Gear Solid

10) dont know =?

9) Axel- Kingdom Hearts
Hes funny.. but too bad he doesnt get much time

8.) Tidus- Final Fantasy
hes cute and a interesting character

7) Siegfried- Soul Calibur
I feel bad for him cause hes got a bad story.. and his games a overly dragged out series that thrives on making him happy then misrable to drag out the games = /

6) Link- Ocarina of Time
hes really cute in OoT =)

5) Vincent Valentine- Final Fantasy
hes got one of the worst game stories but doesnt whine about it like most character

4) Yoda- Star wars
hes cool. and strong for being so old. i like him best in V

3) Obi- Wan- Star Wars
Hes cool in 1 – 6. i like how witty he resonds to everything

2) Anakin- Star wars
i mainly like him before he snaps cause i like how naggy he is in II with Pademe.. and how he acts around Obi Wan. plus he is cool after he turns into vader too

1) Angeal Hewley- Crisis Core
everything about him is perfect. And his personality type is my favorite for all types of character in anything.

10 – Nino – FE 7
9 – Axel – Kingdom Hearts 2
8 – Rikku – FFX
7 – Karel – FE 7
6 – Riku – Kingdom Hearts Series
5 – Tidus – FFX
4 – Luigi – Mario Series
3 – King Mickey – Kingdom Hearts
2 – Gippal – FFX-2


1 AURON!!!!!! – FFX

Meh, i don’t even have a top ten. I gave up trying ot pick favorites of anything long ago. I may say something is my favorite, but really that just means I’m addicted to it atm. Except for Therion’s Secret of the Runes. That one really is my favorite. But other than that, i don’t have favorites.

i know this is off topic, but why are the official art comments closed?

top ten characters???

1. Rhys. This loser little wussy healer who’s sick twenty-four-seven. he’s adorable, a redhead, and nice. What is there not to like?

2. Soren. He’s so grumpy! also he’s tiny and adorable and you just want to hug him til he smiles.

3. Oscar! He has the whole eyes shut/smiling thing, but PLUS he actually means his smiles. 🙂

4. Hanatarou! the only non fe character. He’s from bleach. see rhys, but strike the sick part.

1 Soren FE PoR and RD
2 Karel only FE BS
3 Rutger FE SoS
4 Rath FE BS
5 Karla FE BS
6 Marisa FE SS
7 Shin SoS
8 Elphin FE SoS
9 Klein FE SoS
10 Sophia Fe SoS

I have a strange taste…

Ooooh! Fun! Okay… Hmmm…

#1. Name: Murtagh Morzansson
Book/Movie/Game/Etc: Inheritance Cycle, also known as Eragon
Why: Uh…. Why else? He’s awesoem. in the movie he’s hot. How can you not like him?
Why he came as first: Cheez. Ain’t this one obvious? I LOVE him!

#2. Name: Shikamaru
Book/Movie/Game/Etc: Naruto & Naruto Shippuden (saddly, i actually watch these)
Why: I actually don’t know. I just like him.

#3. Name: Jacob Black
Book/Movie/Game/Etc: Twilight Saga
Why: I just do. He’s cool, he’s a werewolf. What is there not to like about him? Other than the fact that… Oh nevermind.

#4. Name: Janaff
Book/Movie/Game/Etc: You’ve got to be kidding me… FE: PoR and RD
Why: He’s so cool! He’s slightly hyper, he’s funny, I love the bird tribe, especially hawks, and… Well it’s Janaff.

#5. Name: Naesala…
Book/Movie/Game/Etc: PoR and RD
Why: Come one! Who doesn’t love him?

#6. Name: Koga
Book/Movie/Game/Etc: Inuyasha
Why: Another wolf guy! Too bad he doesn’t last through the whole series… Oh well. I like him because he’s… a wolf, so you can guess who the next 2 are.

#7. Name: Volug
Book/Movie/Game/Etc: RD
Why: Another wolf. That’s basically my reasoning. How does that even work? I’m practically afraid of dogs! Anyway… Well, he’s a mysterious character, and if you actually know what he’s saying, he’s pretty funny too.

#8. Name: Okay… I haven’t played the game, yet my fav character is… (Don’t tease me on this people!) Rennac
Book/Movie/Game/Etc: SS
Why: Hmm…. He’s strange, a little creepy… And altogether my fav from the game!

#9. Name: Mia!
Book/Movie/Game/Etc: PoR and RD
Why: Everyone loves her. I just happen to as well.

#10. Name: Shinon
Book/Movie/Game/Etc: PoR and RD
Why: He’s just so cool! He’s rude (which is funny sometimes) never misses, which is a bonus in combat, and hates Ike! The funniest moment for him is when (I at least think he was) he was drunk in PoR and started talking to Ike. it was so funny reading that!

Anyway… So that’s my top ten! You guys probably don’t know many of them, but I love these characters! I have a few other favs, but they just didn’t cut it. Normally, if this was just FE a lot of the people here would be much higher up, but it wasn’t. So… I couldn’t include Miroku from Inuyasha… But who cares?

1. Geoffrey RD&PoR

2. Elincia RD&PoR

3. Ephraim Sacred Stones

4. Sigrun RD&PoR

5. Nephenee RD&PoR

6. Ike RD& PoR

7. Lyn Blazing Sword

8. Hector Blazing Sword

9. Roy Sword of Seals

10. Jill RD&PoR

And those are my Top 10 favorite Characters.

Let me ask you members. Does my way of writing bore you? Because that is most likely how I talk all the time. So long as I am writing, I usually always write in such detail.

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