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If you would like to submit your work to Fire Emblem Blog, send it to with a legit subject. Please make sure your work is original and complies with the rules on Fire Emblem Blog. Also note that FE Blog can only upload jpgs, jpegs, pngs, or gifs, as such it would be appreciated if you send your work accordingly.


~Dark Priestess~

kaosu.png uindo.png matthewdruid.png  asiangirl1 ateir athena dancer darkvalk goddess idounmorph jelu  luciushat narshencloak natashaunhooded pegknight peg perseus pinkmage salehgreen serraprincess sigmund1 sigmundcastingsnow skia tribegirl viking zoralarchel

~Super Luigi~

    antona dark-mage-f geoffrey gohi2 kasche nameshei super-luigi-hero1 zatchria-imagewm 

~Saint of Swords~

karel-red zeus


raptorsprite.png  raptorspritefinished.png raptorspritefinishednavyhair.png

~Mercenary Of Light~

canasrefaitv2.png fiorarefaitev2.png  percivalrefaitv3.png













ali april ashtyn isaac1 mom


fesprite1 fesprite2

~Fire Master~

ame larachel


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