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Alright, the fabled Lyon article I promised I would make. If some things are a little off you can thank Ephraim…I couldn’t get past the Father and Son level because he got berserked and killed Neimi -_- . so I used a game script to base everything off of that isnt in my memory. just a quick note, I ask you not to include any comments that would belittle or otherwise make fun of Lyon. since this articles aim is to tell the story about Lyon, it would kind of go against it to bash him 🙂 .
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So, since blogs are intended to let people voice their opinions and ideas, this blog in peticular, I thought i’de ask everyone what they want updated. it doesn’t matter if your new or not, I want to hear as many peoples opinions as possible, especialy those who just come to browse. Read the rest of this entry »

Fire Emblem 6 and 7 share allot of their weapons and items. In this article I’ll be discussing the similarities, differences and strange facts… 
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ok…I promised I would make a contest before I started the Role Playing, right? well here it is. the deadline for the contest is February 7th, meaning you have five days to send in your answers.

…oh yeah…the actual contest…
[Update: the answers and scores are up, see if you’ve won!]

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….yes, January first did in fact exist. I just kind of forgot about it and as a result forgot to write the monthly update for said month. thats fine though because not a lot was done last month due to some technical problems, but I have good news.
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Update, Nov 24th

Changed the sites graphics, if you have any comments post them in the Shadow Dragon Gallery update.

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