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alright, time for the role-playing. as of now the armory,market,shop,and forge are all closed.this time the role-playing will follow a map, you can still make up whatever you want, provided it agrees with the addition it takes one post to move to a new square unless stated otherwise.
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alright,time to see who wins the jack-pot of…*does math* 45 gems! the possible winners are: 

Shadow Luigi
Shinigami Ninja
Saint of Swords
dragoon (14)

and the winner is…

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since the next role-playing is comming up and some of you have such little money that you dont let your elder brother as much as sleep >_< I thought doing a lottery would be a good addition I have a poll about the RPing.

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its once again time to decide your information for the next RP on Fire Emblem Blog.there are a few things I want to mention first though.

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this article was written by Aveyn Knight

The game in question isn’t the Fire Emblem game that stars Eliwood, Lyn and Hector, which is actually the seventh game in the series and known as Rekka no Ken (literally “Blazing Sword”) in Japan.

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this article was written by Shadow Luigi.

Hello everybody, I’m going to make an article about this odd soul,Knoll  😐 .he’s probably the most weird and dark person in sacred stones. Read the rest of this entry »

third times a charm,or so they say. I finally established something that can be considered a forum! I even got a use out of the name of my other site I decided against! heres the link to it: The Blazing Emblem . you need to register before you can post,but its free and goes pretty quickly. after that there are tons of things to do on the site so have fun with it 🙂 .just a note,the site isnt 100% complete yet,just saying 😉 .

Yeeees, I changed the name. Character Examination sounded like I was giving them a physical for summer camp. This is one of the up sides to Goddess of Dawn being so rudely changed to Radiant Dawn, now the word Radiance applies to characters of both games.This one’s about Volke due to a request. I know, I said I would do Tauroneo, but that proved rather, eh… difficult. This one’s not much easier, but, here goes nothin’. Read the rest of this entry »

Update, Nov 24th

Changed the sites graphics, if you have any comments post them in the Shadow Dragon Gallery update.

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