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Posted on: January 3, 2009

I know I may not have been around much lately, but i’ve been pretty busy. If anyone has any ideas or requests for my next article I write let me know here 🙂 . The article must be about the Fire Emblem series, but other then that you have a lot of room to work with.

–Saint of Swords

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Why don’t you and the other staff come up with 5 FE characters from each game FE7-FE11. List 1 character from every game in a blog post & have people vote for their favorite of the 5.

Poll 1
Chara1 Chara2 Chara3 Chara4 Chara5

Character 1 wins, so then lets say next week you hold poll 2, and Character 2 from that poll wins. After you get all the winners divide them up like so:

Chara1 vs Chara2 vs Chara3

Chara4 vs Chara5

Lets say Chara3 wins the polls & Chara5 wins the polls.

Then you’d go Chara3 vs Chara5. Then you have FE Blog’s favorite character of winter ’09.

PS-I typed this all on my Wii…

I vote for an article about Rebecca! ^^

When is Sekena coming back? I had just joined and now I’m sad.

I would like to see/read an article about Nino and her kids…I remember them beng related to Canas and Niime, but other than that they are a mystery to me…..

Would you care to write an article about the two brothers?; Lloyd and Linus? Normally I would write it but there are two obstacles in the way: Me not given the power to post seid articles; I fear I would write poorly–inferior to you of course. To my point of view, there is allot to be told about them. Albeit you could think of a well-thought out article now hm?

I need some more suggestions.

Ah, I checked in the previous Archives and it appears that you already wrote about Lloyd and Linus. Oh well, then would you be possibly up to writing an Article about Ostia? I mean, it’s practically one of the biggest places in Fire Emblem 7, and a popular one at that! So why not? There is allot to write about Ostia and it’s country.

A contest? How about one of these suggestions:

– Computer Art Signature Contest
– Fire Emblem User Bar Contest
– Write about the lords and their stories in the FE series. (Write about Lyn, Hector, Eliwood, Roy, Ike, etc.)

I’ll put my two cents in. Even though i’m new.
How about a pairing article, like who you ship and evidence supporting your argument.

How about you do something like hypothetical battles? I know it’s overdone but there could be some very interesting battles…. Say Lyn v. Marisa, Rebbecca v. Neimi, Sain v. Kyle, Kent v. Forde, Marcus v. Seth, Eliwood v. Eireika?

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