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well I looked for a really long time to try and get a decent poll system and finally…I gave up 😦 . but I was thinking,it might not be such a bad idea to have polls anyways (albeit you wont be able to check the number of votes for each one…) . so without further ado,I give you poll #1 !

[Update:Hector is the winner]

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somethings been troubling me lately.I’m usually really good at developing theory’s on things that are intentionally kept unclear in games by the producers,and I have fun doing so.usually…I usually have fun doing so.however I have recently rediscovered something that I had managed to push to the back of my mind a long week and a half ago time ago…and now its all I can do to get to sleep at night!

okay,maybe I’m overselling it a bit,but take my word for it: this little mystery has me completely stumped…!

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I recently made a spoiler rule forbidding talk about goddess of dawn,save a few small things.I realise though that what one person views as small could be viewed as large to someone else.with that being said I decided to make an article covering what can be talked about.

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I know everybody is going to hate me for doing this but I think it needs to be done 🙂 . starting now there will be a spoiler rule in effect regarding the next fire emblem title “goddess of dawn” .

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Well I know I said I wanted to wait to make an article until more people were here in hopes of letting more people read it but it turns out I don’t have that kind of patience 😛 . For the time being I’m not so sure how to get more people to come to this site so waiting for more viewers would obviously take a very long time.heck! if I wait that long I might actually lose members…and I only have two 😯 !!! so instead of that I’m just going to go ahead and make an article.

One of the things that always drove me nuts about path of radiance was the final battle,here you have this giant armoured king,on a giant armoured dragon,with a deadly looking sword……………and we end up fighting him  in Cremias beautiful gardens -_-‘ . is he going to attack us with butterfly’s,too? I have to admit…it was much different from what I had pictured.

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this is fire emblem blog,a blog dedicated completely to fire you can share your opinions,ideas,and thoughts on fire emblem.

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Update, Nov 24th

Changed the sites graphics, if you have any comments post them in the Shadow Dragon Gallery update.

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